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Partner with a Qualified Bankruptcy Attorney in the Chicago, IL Area

Sometimes, debt can become overwhelming. Free yourself by working with a qualified chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney near Chicago, IL. Same day filing available.

You may take on debt for any number of reasons—to buy a house, to make emergency purchases, or to obtain a car loan, among other things. Unfortunately, this debt may become harder and harder to manage over time until you eventually have creditors harassing you at every turn. At this point, it might feel impossible to escape—but there is a solution. Filing for bankruptcy can be an excellent way to give yourself a fresh start. The Law Office of Charles R. Bonini is here to provide you with guidance and help you work towards becoming debt-free.

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Learn More About Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most commonly used type of bankruptcy. By filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can effectively wipe away certain types of debt, such as medical bills and overdue credit card payments. It works by selling unsecured assets; this money, in turn, is used to pay your creditors over the course of a few months. When that time is up, you’ll officially be considered debt-free.

In order to file for chapter bankruptcy, you’ll first need to make sure that you qualify. This means meeting specific income criteria, passing a means test, and having applicable debt. Should you qualify, you will then be required to complete a credit counseling course. From there, your chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can help you through the filing process.

Receive Reliable Assistance

Filing for bankruptcy can be somewhat daunting, but it’s the right choice for many individuals. By partnering with a qualified chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer, you can protect yourself and work towards becoming debt-free. The Law Office of Charles R. Bonini is here to help clients near Chicago, IL, navigate this process. Attorney Bonini has years of experience and can assist you with filing, fighting back against wage garnishments, and providing you with a solid plan of action moving forward. If you’d like to learn more, then consider contacting him today.