Discuss Your Dispute With Attorney Bonini

Discuss Your Dispute With Attorney Bonini

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The Law Office of Charles R Bonini takes a personal approach to landlord-tenant law. Whether you are a tenant facing eviction who needs more time to move or you are a landlord with tenants not paying or causing you damage, you can work with attorney Bonini one-on-one to find a cost-effective solution.

You have three options when dealing with a landlord-tenant dispute in the Chicago, IL area:

  1. Negotiation: Attorney Bonini can lead contract fulfillment negotiations to work toward a positive outcome.
  2. Mediation: Attorney Bonini can help keep things civil.
  3. Representation: Attorney Bonini will advocate for your rights in court.

Find out which option would be best in your situation. Contact us today.

Don't sign your lease just yet

Ask attorney Bonini to review the terms with you. He can then lead contract fulfillment negotiations with your landlord to level the playing field.

Call text or email right now to discuss your options with a free consultation at one of our Chicago, IL area landlord-tenant law offices today. We have flexible hours and locations to fit your schedule.