Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Consult with a trusted estate planning attorney in Chicago, IL

At the Law Office of Charles R Bonini we believe the core principle of estate planning is to create a legal framework that allows you to protect your property and distribute it according to your wishes. You get properly drafted documents that clarify your intentions and ensure they are carried out.

Part of Estate Planning can include the creation of an Advance Directive or Living Will. This document describes exactly the medical decisions you would make for yourself in the event you become medically incapable of communicating your wishes. A Chicago estate planning attorney can help ensure all of these documents are created correctly. 

Having a plan for your assets in the event of your sickness or death should be an essential duty of anybody with a family. But it must be prepared before the moment of crisis. Proper planning saves your family from going through the financial uncertainty while dealing with their grief. Because of this, it is important to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney.

An estate planning attorney can assist you by drafting a will, creating a trust, or developing an advance directive for medical care, and by keeping all these documents in a secure spot for easy access when necessary. Call the Law Office of Charles R Bonini, located in Chicago, IL today!